1980 Mens Hairstyles That Are Here To Impress You

1980 Men's Hairstyles

Do you want to know more about 1980 men’s hairstyles? Are you searching for some hairstyles that can offer you a chic look? Are you searching for a new hairstyle that can make you look more stylish? Then find the best 1980 men’s hairstyles in this section to have a flaunting day.

The iconic 80s time was into the limelight for its style and fashion. Nowadays, these elements of fashion and style are back into action, including 1980 men’s hairstyles.

Moreover, from bleached blond punk to wild curls and majestic mullet, these looks will inspire you to try them right away.

So, scan this classic retro hair looks.

1. Mullet: 1980 Men’s Hairstyles

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Mullet is one of the most popular and iconic hairstyles for men in the 1980s. The hairstyle is long at the back, short at the front, and the look is flattering and undoubtedly suits many face shapes.

Also, a mullet hairstyle stands unique from the crowd. From fashionistas to athletes, the mullet look is making its way with a style statement.

2. Flat Top: 1980 Men’s Hairstyles

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A flat-top hair look is a high top fade hairstyle having a table like and smooth look. Also, it stays as one of the most stylish and boldest men’s hair looks.

Moreover, it’s an unusual hairstyle that goes well with both straight and afro-textured hair types.

Also, you can recreate this hairstyle by blow-drying the hair in a straight-up direction. Also, you can use a reliable hold product to let it stay in a place.

You can also go for a modern, neat, and short haircut that needs effort and styling.

3. Bleached Hair: 1980 Men’s Hairstyles

There are pop stars such as Billy Idol, who had bleached hair three decades ago. It’s a trendy hairstyle that never goes out of fashion if you’re bold enough to carry it. So, try this hairstyle by meeting a professional instead of trying hair bleaching at home. The bleaching process for hair is complicated, so do it under the supervision of a professional.

4. Jheri Curl: 1980 Men’s Hairstyles

It’s a hairstyle that has an iconic impact back in the 1980s. For black men, it was a signature and a stylish hairstyle. Many pop stars such as Michael Jackson, R&R singer Lionel Richie, rapper Ice Cube had these famous Jheri curls.

5. Perm

Again perm was one of the most iconic hairstyles in 1980. Nonetheless, today’s perm hairstyle is much more flattering and natural.

Moreover, for about six months, these perms can last. You can also combine perms with a variety of hairstyles such as fades and undercuts for a modern look.

You can go with curl-serum and have a medium length hairstyle to have a fresh look.

6. High Top Fade: 1980 Men’s Hairstyles

In the golden era of hip-hop, high top fade found its popularity. It was one of the trendiest hair looks for men. A high top fade even today looks exciting and cool.

Conclusion On 1980 Men’s Hairstyles

The above 1980 men’s hairstyles will force you to try one hairstyle to have that stylish yet elegant look.

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