5 Pretty Hairstyle Ideas For Medium To Long Hair

pretty hairstyle ideas

Are you looking for some amazing hairstyles for your hair? In case your answer is a yes then do try the below-mentioned hairstyles. No matter if you have medium-length hair or longer, these are suitable for both types. You can try these on any occasion or weather. Braids, buns, curls, ponytail, etc. there’s much more you can see. Here are 5 pretty hairstyle ideas for medium to long hair.

A Messy Bun


This kind of bun is different from the usual plain style. A messy bun gives extra volume to your hair. It’s comfy and preferable for any time. Just hold hair higher and make a high ponytail as a base. Wrap around and secure it with bobby pins. Although you can learn better from videos or tutorials. For a stylish look do try a messy bun.

Half Bun


Talking about buns, the next best hairstyle alternative will be a half-bun. As the name suggests, you are going to make a bun with half of your hair. Pull out hair from the front only. Make a simple bun using a rubber band or pins. A half bun looks elegant as well as beautiful. You can try it for school, office, and so on. Both medium and long hair are suitable for it. 

Beach Waves

Another style that you should try is the beach waves. Here you don’t need pins, rather a hair curling wand along with a comb. Detangle your hair, divide them into two portions and start curling them with the curler. Keep combing gently too. You can pull out a classy look with beach waves. This style always seems fresh and good for events. Just let your hair free. 

Double Buns 

For an adorable and confident look, double buns are adequate. It may take a little longer to make buns on both sides. Begin by splitting the hair into two halves. Twist hair on the top of the head. Before that, you can make braids too. Secure it with bobby pins or a rubber band. Pull out some strands of hair from the front for more style. 

Rope Braid Ponytail

This ponytail is easy to make. It’s cute and sweet as well. For more manageable hair a rope braid ponytail is a good option. Try out this hairstyle in summer. 


Hair needs good care to be strong and beautiful. That’s why getting the perfect hairdo comes in. Making your hair the right way and keeping changing your hairstyle every once in a while is important. Here are 5 pretty hairstyle ideas you can try. These are suitable for medium to long hair. Moreover, all of these are quite simple and easy to make. You don’t need to spend hours figuring it out. 

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