Athletic Wear Basics To Consider

Athletic wear, also called sportswear are clothes for sports activity and physical exercises. These clothes are designed so that a player has full comfort during play and the clothes do not hinder a game. Moreover, the player is safe while at play since it has been seen many times that if a player does not wear such clothes the game of a person is affected.

It includes tracksuits, t-shirt, shorts, and footwear. These are the standard garments that are in use. For unique games, there are special athletic wear like a swimsuit for swimming, a wet suit for diving, a ski suit for skiing, and gymnastic clothes. Footwear includes boots of a different kind used in field games.

Athletic Wear Basics To Consider

For different kinds of sports activities, different combinations of clothes are in use as a combination of sports shoes, pants, and shirts. Some of the games use protective equipment as well to protect themselves from any injury. Some of them are helmets, eye covers, etc.

Athletic wear has designs in such a way that the wearer is comfortable for any sports activity. The fabric also differs according to the event. It depends on the intensity of exercise. The activity which needs a flexible body needs the fabric of excellent stretchability and elasticity like yoga and gymnastic activity. For sprint races or long-distance running, the athlete wears good quality cloth with the excellent absorbing quality. This ensures that moisture will transfer from inside to the outside garment. For winter or snow sports fabric should be of that kind which good breathable quality and insulation.

Clothing Properties

Athletic wear is design in such a way so that it should be light wear so that the wearer gets comfortable enough. Moreover, it should be loose enough so that it won’t restrict anyone’s movement.

Some of the sports need specific clothing so that their players can be distinguished from another player. For example, goalkeeper always wears a different color from another player so that it won’t be confusing for another player to play well. Some sports clothing indicate past achievement and current situation as well of the participant. Cycling disciplines include the rainbow-colored jersey which will only be worn by the world champion.

The preferred material used for forming athletic wear is Spandex. Some of the ordinary clothes created by Spandex are wrestling, track and field, dance and gymnastics, speed skating and swimming.

Athletic wear is also used for the promotion of sponsors and team members. So a variety of sportspersons have their names on the back of their clothes. Some sponsors also want their logo to be there at the end of their clothes

Thermal Properties

Athletic Wear Basics To Consider

Athletic wear should be made by keeping the insulation property of fabric in mind and the need for the wearer. In summers, the cloth should be like that they allow the sweat to evaporate and the wearer to remain cool .on the other hand sports person should be kept warm in winter.

Moisture transferring fabric should be used so that sweat gets away from the wearer with the help of the moisture-transferring device. To soak the sweat spandex is used, which provides a base layer to absorb the wear. Layering is used for mountain climbing and skiing. The material is used with the help of transfer moisture.

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