Aveda Mens Grooming Clay You Should Use For The Looks

Aveda Men's Grooming Clay

Clay hair products contain moisturizing serums which hold the hair still and gives a fine matte finish look. Aveda men’s grooming clay is safe and can be used daily to style your hair. It does not damage your hair as it is made naturally. Hair clay makes you feel your hair thicker and adds up the volume for any type of hair. If you use a hairdryer, it boosts up the volume of your hair even more.

Why This?

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This hair clay does not dry fast, so that it can be re-workable throughout the day. Using this clay makes your hair look very natural, gives textures to your hair, you can run your fingers through your hair very easily as you normally do.

How to Use grooming Clay:

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Here are a few steps you need to follow to style your hair with Aveda men’s grooming clay

Prepare Your Hair:

Clean your hair well such that it is free from all other hair ingredients. Always remember that drying your hair before you style it with Aveda men’s grooming clay is very important. Dry your hair using a hairdryer in the direction you want to style your hair. This gives a better shape, texture, and volume to your hair when styled.

Pea Sized Clay:

Be very cautious while taking the amount of clay to your hand. Take a pea-sized amount of clay first. If you need more, you can add it gradually. As the clay should be applied in layers for a better look, you need to be careful with its usage.

Warm it Up:

Take the clay into your hand and start rubbing it using two hands to warm it, spread it evenly throughout your hands, and make it flexible in applying.

Product On Your Hair:

Start spreading the Aveda men’s grooming clay from the back to front, and apply it from the roots in an upward direction such that your hair gets coated properly, don’t worry about styling at this stage. All you keep in mind is evenly coat your hair completely.


Now start styling your hair in the direction you want. If you prefer messy hair, you need to brush up fast as soon as you apply for good volume.

Styling Ways:

The main step to follow is first to remove the excess water using a towel, let dry too much, and let moisture remain in your hair.

Slicked Style:

As it is the same process to follow till you apply the Aveda men’s grooming clay evenly to your hair, and now is the styling part, you will find your hair part and now separate it with a comb and then comb it to the position, combing from front to back diagonally.

Textured Style:

The process of applying the clay evenly to your hair goes the same, now start applying the clay pulling your hair backward, and setting the volume of your hair, forming texture in the desired shape.

Polished Style:

You need to blow dry your hair in this process and then take a small amount of clay, rub it in your hands and now apply the clay with fingertips just on the top surface of your hair.


Remember to clean your hair properly before styling.

Start applying clay in the initial steps.

Keep using the dryer if you need to blow up the good volume.

Spread clay uniformly throughout your hands and between the fingers too.


Styling hair for boys is the most important part as the hair reflects the outfit you wear, so if you want to try to style your hair, you better go with aveda men’s grooming clay as it is safe and protective to hair.

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