Caliber Mens Grooming And Styles You May Want To Try This Season

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Caliber is a very well-known and upscale men’s grooming salon, helping men pay attention to fashion and enhance their appearance. Caliber men’s grooming salon is located in Charlotte’s historic south end, just one block away from the light rail. They assist men in grooming themselves. Caliber men’s grooming salon offers many services such as full-service haircuts, hot lather head shaves, waxing, and massages. They also offer a beverage of your choice and a game of shuffleboard to keep you entertained.

Caliber Men’s Grooming For hair

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There are various haircuts that they provide in different styles of service at Caliber men’s grooming salon. Full-service men’s cut involves 45 minutes of relaxing scalp massage, shampooing and conditioning of hair, hot facial towel, cut, cleansing/rinse, and styling, which can cost more than $45. Royal treatment involves 60 minutes of full-cut service with 10 minutes of extra scalp massage, hand detail, hand massage, and bread trim clean up, which can cost you $55 and up. Hot lather head shave includes 45 minutes of relaxing with a hot towel, lather, head shave, and cleansing rinse costing $40 and up. In Cut and color camouflage, you can get your hair colored that suits you and is of your choice costing you $65 and up. You can get your stylist in neck trim to shave the hair around your ears and neck to create clean lines, which cost $15 and up.

For Face

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Caliber men’s grooming salon also offers services for grooming your facial hair. It includes services such as a straight razor shave that costs $40 and up, which includes relaxing with a hot towel, lather, and straight razor face shave. If you have a longer and fuller beard, you can go for the service beard sculpt that will cost you $40 and up, in which your stylist will analyze your beard growth, face shape, and hair texture, and then will give you a balanced look. If you have a short and low-maintenance beard, you should go for a beard trim, including trimming stray hair for a cleaner and balanced look, which costs just $15 and up. You can try RegiMEN service for rejuvenating your skin with organic men’s facial line consisting of a deep cleanse, soothing facial massage, and intense hydration, which costs you just $35 and up. 

Caliber Men’s Grooming – Massages And Spa

There are various spa and massage services offered at Caliber men’s grooming salon as well. Such as Swedish massage and deep tissue massage. You can add modalities to massages, such as stretching, Graston technique, ice massage, cupping therapy, and injury massage.  Most of them have significantly less or no additional cost. 


Listed above are some of the famous services that Caliber men’s grooming salon suggestions. You should ensure that you are spending the time in the right salon and you should be able to feel the difference as soon as you complete the salon session. We hope the tips and tricks we have given for different segregations are as helpful as we expect it to be.

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