Get To Know The Timeless Denim Fabric


Denim is a 100% cotton fabric that is sturdy, with a twill weave. A long time ago it was sailcloth fabric. The word is a derivative of a French word. Likewise, the cloth has become a part of our daily life. It typically uses 100% pure cotton fabrics.

The characteristic feature of the cloth is that it has diagonal ribbing on the fabric, which is a distinguishing factor, which differentiates it from other cotton fabric. Moreover, a twill weave pattern is used on the material. Additionally, the reason why it has dark shade on the outer part is that warp threads are dyed indigo and the weft thread is not used for dying purposes. Thus, the unique weaving pattern gives it a two-tone look, which attracts it, buyers. The face of the fabric has color while back doesn’t.

Get To Know The Timeless Denim Fabric

This twill diagonal weave makes fabric strong, durable, and attractive and gives a beautiful fitting drape. Furthermore, there is a variety of cloth, like raw, sanforized, colored, etc.

100% Cotton Variants

Regular variants are very durable, hardwearing, and versatile.

Raw Types

It is also known as unsanforized denim. Dyeing after the wash is not required. The wash process makes the fabric soft and removes shrinkage. This type is usually used in the form of jeans. Hence, this form is very even without any distressing. Additionally, one should always wash denim before wearing it.

Sanforized Types

This type is made so that it does not shrink after wash. The fabric is created in such a way that it won’t shrink after washing.

Colored Denim

Colored denim is mainly classified into two types of colored variants. One is blue along with all shades of blue and the other one is the rest of the colors. Hence, the blue color is given by indigo, and the other color is provided by sulfur dyeing.

Stretch Jeans

This is made by stretchy synthetic clothes fiber like lycra which makes cloth stretchable. According to the percentage of elastane in it, the stretch of cloth depends.

Selvedge Denim

This has edges finished with the help of bands of color orange or red. Selvage denim is much better quality than any other type of denim. The top producing country of this type in Japan.

Crushed Denim

This kind is created in such a way that it gives a wrinkled or crushed appearance.

Acid Wash Types

Marble denim is another name for Acid wash types of denim. The fabric uses a pumice stone dipped in chloride. Therefore, the fabric loses its color because of abrasion from stones and creates contrast with indigo.

Poly Denim

This fabric is very soft to touch made up of polyester. It is easy to stretch and is much famous for sewing jackets, shirts, hats, etc.

Get To Know The Timeless Denim Fabric

Ecru Denim

These types are not dyed. The fabric will have a natural color.

Bull Denim

This fabric is tight and sturdy. Because of twill construction.

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