Different Weave Hairstyle Ideas To Compliment Your Look

Weave Hairstyle Ideas

Hairstyles can enhance the overall look of a person. Weave hairstyles are getting very popular among females these days. These are best suitable for women who have hair texture like that of the afro women. There are several weave hairstyle ideas that you can go for. However, when making these hairstyles, hair extensions are used.

Below discussed are the weave hairstyle ideas from which you can select your desired one.

Fusion Weaves Is One Of The Amazing Weave Hairstyle Ideas

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This is one of the weave hairstyle ideas in which the hairstylist attaches the extension to one strand at a time without using tracks, wefts, braids, etc. That is why you should contact an expert hair stylist for fusion weaves. Fusion weaves give a natural look to your hair and they will last from four to seven months. You can easily comb your hair without worrying about the damages.

Weaves With Glue

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Weaves with glue are more preferred among the people who want to do the weave themselves. However, the right tools and some practice will help you to change your hair appearance but the glue can damage your hair. When you apply weaves, must buy high-quality glue and apply it correctly. Your small carelessness can stick the glue on your natural hair that can easily break the strands. Don’t use too much glue as it might get difficult to remove it.

Lace Front Weaves

In this weaves hairstyle, the stylist sews the hairs into the braids. They make the braids in a perfect line up that blends with your hair and gives a natural look. These weaves are not much expensive but you must visit a professional stylist because if the weaves are not properly attached then it can lead to hair damage. You need to take care of this style to make it last for at least three months.

Interlocking Weaves Is Also Among The Best Weave Hairstyle Ideas

The method of interlocking weaves is just the same as sew-in weaves, but it is not like cornrows or mini-braids. This type of weave requires more practice; you should visit the hairstylist who can blend the hairs effectively with your natural hair. They sew the micro-thin weft with loose hair carefully. The thin weft blends with your natural hair and can’t be noticed by anyone. So you can enjoy the party without worrying that anyone will see your weave.

Sew In Weaves

Sew in weaves require a lot of attention while weaving and take too much time, so you need to hire a stylist for this style as it takes around 3-4 hours. Stylists sew your hair and convert it into tight small braids against your head to give a natural look. This weave doesn’t require much maintenance that is why it is more popular among people and they last for at least three months. You don’t need to worry about your style while dancing, running, and other activities. For maintenance of these weaves, you need to wash your hair in 3-4 days and comb your hair as it prevents hair damage and tangles.


For the weave hairstyles, you should visit the professionals as they can easily provide you with your desired hairstyle. As most of these styles need extensions, getting it done by professionals will provide the best results.

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