Easy Hairstyle Ideas For Both Men and Women

shoulder length hairstyle ideas


Short Fringes And Baby Bangs

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A few short haircuts that are both chic and easy to do are short fringes and baby bangs. You can easily pull off either of these looks with any length of hair. You can even do them together if you have long hair. The fringes can be worn with a shorter hair cut in the front to frame your face. Bangs are great for when you just need to stay away from your hair being too noticeable or straight.

Classic Look

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This is a classic look that looks fresh and sophisticated every day. You can pull off this look easy and it works for both thin and long hair. You’ll want to start by cutting your shoulder-length hair in layers to give it a little height at the crown. You can taper your bangs down towards your forehead if you like. You can then secure the ends at the bottom with a curling iron or a spray gel.

Best For Shoulder Length Hair

This look works great on almost any length of hair but will look best on those that have shoulder-length hair. It is simple to do and only takes a few minutes of your time. You’ll want to start by shampooing your hair and then drying it as much as possible. You can then put gel on your shoulders before putting your hair into buns and curling it.

Casual Style

This short haircut is super easy to do and it works well for both women and men. It works well because it frames your face and also provides highlights. The best part about this style is that it’s casual yet classy. You can pull this look off by wearing a casual shirt and jeans. You don’t even need a good cut because you can modify it with anything.

Long Hair Style

This look works best when you have long hair and is a super casual look. If you’re having problems finding the right color or style then this is an option for you. You can taper all the way down to the bottom of your shoulders, then make a neat bun then finish it off with an adjustable curling iron. You can pull off this look really well with either a plaid shirt or a plain shirt.


A shoulder wrap is another great option for a quick and easy style. This looks great on people with very short locks as it will frame your face and add some height. You can taper the front of the hair to the middle of your shoulders and then secure it with a small curling iron. Then you simply take your neck wrap and slide it up over your shoulder to create that instant winter look. These are the different hairstyle ideas for women and men.

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