Everything which you should know about Mens eyebrows grooming

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When there’s an occasion, wedding or any sort of party coming up we get invested in the preparations at least a week prior looking for the perfect clothes, shoes and hairstyles but one area we miss out on majority of the time, especially when it comes to men are eyebrows. Let alone an event eyebrows are a part that’s always forgotten and most men do not even care about it. Shaping and keeping a check of your brows is not strictly related to beauty it is in fact an integral part of self- grooming and wellness. Having neat and clean eyebrows gives your face a shapely lift without a lot of effort, eyebrow grooming barely takes any time and is a complete game changer. Once you start, there is no going back but if you are new to it here are some tips and tricks.


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When it comes to eyebrows there are a lot of ways to pluck those crazy baby hair but tweezing stand at the top. It might sting initially but once you get a hold of it, it’s a lifesaver. You could opt for waxing only if you are trained unless you want half an eyebrow. Another really helpful tip would be to use brow gel but make sure you go slow and step by step. Brow gel is the easiest way to fill in any sparse areas and it instantly adds more structure to your face.  It may sound like a bad deal but you should leave out some grays to make it look more natural and blended in. Grooming your eyebrows in not a one day job you need to make sure you keep a check on them every time they grow back.


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Waxing the brows in women is a very common practice as it completely eradicates all the hair around the brow area and the fine hair between the two brows. That is a look that works for women but for men, not so much. Strategically leaving hair around your workspace is ideal for men as it gives them a manly yet groomed look. Waxing can sometimes pave a way for acne and irritation so it’s best to stay away. Always remember that bushy brows are not a bad thing as long as they are well- kept and tidy so do not go overboard with plucking and tweezing. One thing that you need to avoid at all costs is shaving, since this process only eradicates hair from the surface only which means that you will have to shave it off again within days and it might even grow back coarser than before. Save yourself from the hassle.


Taking care of your grooming and wellness is essential because it not only makes your appearance sharper but also counts as basic personal hygiene. Be it the eyebrows or other facial hair spots nothing looks right when it is not taken care of and maintained.

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