Finding Men’s Grooming Scissors

men's grooming scissors

If you haven’t looked into new styles in hair trimming recently, then you may be surprised at all of the places scissors are going these days. No longer are they solely reserved for men’s styling needs. For women, there are also several different styles for those who prefer not to cut their hair, but rather simply want to wear it beautifully.

Straight Edge

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One of the most popular items is the straight edge. These scissors have become a bit of an icon in the men’s grooming world because of their distinct styling. Straight edge scissors allow you to snip comfortably in very tight places such as around the edges of the lips and inside of your ears and nostrils. They are designed to be used one handed and with light pressure so that there is no chance of causing any cuts. Men’s straight-edge scissors are typically not very expensive, but they do take some time to master the technique before you can confidently use them.

Twin Cut

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Another type of men’s tool is the twin cut. The twin cut is great for men who want to cut hair on both sides of the head, but can’t seem to get the look right at first. You can get the twin cut done by trimming your hair with a trimmer on the side that you want done and then cutting it again with the other side. This is a great option for people who like to change their haircuts on a regular basis or men with unusual forms of facial hair.

Cropping is also a growing trend among men who would like to get a more narrow point to their hair cut. When you crop your hair, the bottom half of your head is cropped and the upper part is left to grow naturally. Cropping will allow you to get a closer point to your hairline without cutting off any excess hair. When you crop, it is best to get your hair cut from the bottom up as this will create the least amount of stubble. Stubble may also appear if you crop in the wrong direction.


Waxing is another popular choice for men who would like to get a close shave. With waxing, you only need a very thin layer of the substance and you can easily use a personal trimmer to create a clean and smooth shave. It can be used for both men and women, but its effects will be different depending on your body hair and skin type.

Waxing requires that you also get a hot water bottle to heat up the wax. You can either pour the wax in through the wax remover or by rolling it on a towel to create a flat surface. When you press down on the hot wax, it will create a smooth arch on the top of the hair, which will give it the appearance of being cut from the front. If you want to get rid of extra hairs, you may have to repeat the process until you achieve the look you want.

Summing Up

The next time you need a men’s grooming scissors, you should think about what you want to get out of the experience. If you are thinking about buying a pair of professional quality men’s grooming scissors, you should make sure you research your options before making the final decision. You can visit a store with samples of the products available so you can see how each product looks. You can also ask a store clerk for advice about which brand is the best choice. Once you find the brand and style of men’s grooming scissors you like, you can order them online and enjoy the results for a long time to come.

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