Finding The Best Men’s Grooming Salon

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The Men’s Grooming Parlor at Chicago for men’s hair styling, skin care and even waxing services beginning with a consultation from Matt the professional stylist. Dustin had a wonderful experience there. Friendly, helpful service in a relaxing environment. Great customer service, top quality products, friendly manner and prices that can’t be beaten!

Schedule An Appointment

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We had a scheduling issue, however, and were not able to schedule an appointment for a few days later. A woman did approach us, however, and gave us her number. She also mentioned that she remembered our store and that she was recommending us to someone else. It was nice to get some names and phone numbers. The next visit was very pleasant.

After our initial visit, we were impressed with the men’s grooming products, and the attention to detail that went into each and every visit. Upon entering the men’s room, it was very orderly and clean. The smell of the hair care products were inviting. When we walked into the men’s hair care section, the employees were very friendly and greeted us with a warm smile. They were all very willing to talk to us, answer our questions, and take care of our needs. There was no gossiping or complaining, just helpful, friendly service.

All Sorts Of Products

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Our visit lasted only about ten minutes, but we left feeling great about the haircut we had received. The men’s hair section was stocked with all sorts of products for all types of hair, from short to very long. We saw various kinds of styling scissors, brushes and combs. There were even a special shampoo and conditioner that we liked! A complete selection of men’s hair was organized in neat rows, and the stylist that answered the phone was very knowledgable, and had an accurate way of measuring the size of our hair!

While on our visit, there were other men’s grooming products displayed for us to look over. Several different brands of men’s shampoos, conditioners, and hair brushes were on display. The atmosphere was very jovial, and the atmosphere did not feel like a work environment. It seemed more like a gathering for friends, and we actually talked to some of the men while they were taking care of their hair.

The Atmosphere

We left the men’s grooming parlor with a wonderful impression and would definitely return if ever we needed any other type of men’s grooming supplies. The atmosphere was very laid back, and the men were very kind and helpful. They were attentive during our questions and did not rush through our orders. Everything we needed was offered and the men seemed very knowledgeable.

Last Words

We definitely recommend checking out any men’s grooming parlor you may be interested in. Men’s grooming is definitely something we will continue to do, but now I can purchase my men’s grooming products from the comforts of my own home! I know that the men at this establishment truly care about their men’s grooming, as well as maintaining their men’s hair clean. You will surely enjoy a visit to your local men’s barber, and men’s parlor when you are interested in improving the look of your face, and keeping your men’s hair clean!

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