Hairstyle Tips For Long Hair – Hairstyle Tips That Will Last A Lifetime

hairstyle tips long hair

The first thing is the actual length of your hair; if you have a naturally long hair then you will have to be a bit creative with your hairstyle tips. Your hairstyle will also depend on how you wear it so it is best to think about these two things before you even go out shopping for your new style. Long hair can require quite a few more steps when it comes to styling it than short hair does so follow these simple tips to get the best look possible.

The Ponytail Look

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The ponytail is probably the most classic look that can be achieved with long hair. This looks best when the hair is damp but not wet. Start by brushing your hair to remove any tangles and dirt. Then take your large hairbrush and start combing your hair from the roots up to the tips.

The ponytail works well with long hair in most cases. It is also one of the easiest hairstyles to do which is why many women choose it. A great look for the winter months is a simple down ponytail. You can add a few accessories to make the ponytail different such as a curling ribbon or a small decorative piece to compliment the look. If you want to create a messy look with your long hair, try cutting the tips at the bottom so they are down.

Other Options

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Another great option for those with long hair is a tight chignon. A chignon is simply a band that is tied around the hair at the nape of the neck. There are many different styles to choose from. You could use a simple chain or you could use a more ornate one such as a lion or a rose. Either way, it adds an elegant and sophisticated look to your ponytail.

One of the most popular looks for those with longer hair is a fashionable up do. This simply means that the top part of the hair is off of the head so that it forms a smooth and low bun on top. Many stylists like to include a fringe on the top of this look; however, if your hair isn’t long enough, you can leave it out. The only real down side to this look is that it takes some time to put in and take out. The longer your hair is, the longer you’ll have to put it in and take it out. You’ll also have to blow dry your hair and curl it if you want the style to stay put.


Braiding is another hairstyle tip that works well for both short hair and long hair. A simple ponytail can work great when you don’t want your hair down but you want it styled a certain way. Simply pull the two braids together, allowing them to run diagonally down the length of your head. When you style your hair after the braiding, simply brush the side away from where the braids started. If you would like to keep the look the same, then simply add some more accessories to it.

Final Words

If you want to get your hair cut and style without much hassle, then you should consider going semi-updo. This simply means that you will take out the majority of your hair but leave a few sections around the face and on top of the ears. This will help give your hair that professional look. If you are able to find one that fits your personality, then by all means, do so. There are many hairstyle tips for long hair that you can find in magazines and on the Internet, and once you try something, you will never go back to your boring old tresses.

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