Hairstyles: A Guide To Choose The Right One


If you want to look cute, neat, and elegant with long hair, then you have to go for a style that is perfect for you. It can also enhance your looks if you mix and match different hairstyles in your hair to make it unique. However, the tips below will help you find out which hairstyle is perfect for you.

What Kind Of Hairstyle Do You Want?

Long Hairstyles
Hairstyles: A Guide To Choose The Right One

You should first decide on what kind of long hairstyle you want. A ponytail, a bun, tousled hair or side swept hairstyle are all nice but, they are generally suitable for different kinds of faces. So, you should know what kind of face you have before you choose the hairstyle for yourself.

A ponytail hairstyle looks good on girls with small and chubby faces, while a bun is not very suitable for faces with rounded facial shapes. There are many other styles that are suitable for various kinds of faces.

Hairstyles For Girls:

The hair of girls generally has more volume and, therefore, a long hairstyle is preferred over a short one for them. For boys, a ponytail can be just perfect. It gives you a pretty, short, and chunky hairstyle.

Girls like long hair, as they feel it makes them look more mature and sophisticated, whereas boys, who have short hair, don’t like long hair. So, if you like this kind of hairstyle, then it is best for you to go for short hair for boys.

Hairstyles For Boys

If you are planning to go for long hairstyles for boys, then you should not shampoo your hair too often. Shampooing your hair too often helps wash away the dirt and dandruff so that your hair looks longer and cleaner. You can opt for detangling strips that are available at many beauty stores to remove the excess hair before shampooing.

Moreover, you can add curl to your hair to give it an attractive and very stylish look. You can add a few pieces of hair in the front to give it the perfect look. Remember to leave the curls free from the hairline for the front part of the hair. To create this look, you should brush your hair using a wide-toothed comb.

Choose Hairstyles According To Your Face

Hairstyles: A Guide To Choose The Right One
Hairstyles: A Guide To Choose The Right One

Once you have chosen the long hairstyle for boys, you should consider the style of your face. For boys with big eyes, a wide mouth can give them a girlish look. For a boy with wide jaws, you can use a hat or scarf to hide the gaps between the teeth, which will give him a more rugged look.

Moreover, boys who have wider faces, a ponytail is a perfect choice for them as it elongates their faces and makes them look more handsome. Since there are several hairstyles for boys with wide faces, you can try a number of things to make your face look wider.


When choosing a long hairstyle for boys, you should look for a style that is comfortable for you and which suits your personality and style. Choose the one that is right for you.

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