Leather Jackets: 5 Points That Every Man Should Consider

5 Points That Every Man Should Consider To Wear Leather Jackets

Gentlemen, the truth of the matter is that not everyone looks good in leather or leather jackets. There are many types and most men do not know them, but that’s fine. Therefore, today we will see the types and cuts that are in the market.

Many men will say “they are all the same”, but that’s where, gentleman, where you are wrong, there are skin types, care, prices. But is it worth knowing all this? Yes, if you are ready to make a serious investment, a style statement that will remain in your closet for several decades, then yes, it is worth it.

Leather Jackets : 5 Points That Every Man Should Consider To Wear
Leather Jackets: 5 Points That Every Man Should Consider

 Why Have One?

A good leather jacket is an expensive purchase that goes from 100 to 300 dollars if you get a good price, but if you pay for a good brand, this price can go up to a thousand dollars.

The Attitude

It is the most important thing on the list because leather jackets are a very masculine garment; it’s that simple.

Rough boys have used it since it was created, long ago, when the only way to get it was by killing and skinning an animal, with your own hands. It showed the rudeness of a person, and over the years, it was used by the causeless rebels like James Dean and Marlon Brando.

But well, knowing how to wear it, leather jackets cease to have that primitive instinct, but never rudeness, that was impregnated in today’s designs.

The Protection

It is a practical garment, because the material is hard, and will keep you well protected from physical damage and weather; for one thing, it is the favorite motorcycle garment. The jacket can stop the damage of a high-speed encounter with the pavement, the leather is definitely like a second skin; Thicker skin than yours, in fact.

Now, against the weather, leather jackets protect from wind and rain because, with proper treatment, they can become waterproof.


Fashion is a world that changes rapidly, but leather is one of the only garments that is an absolute trend.

In addition, a good leather jacket will last for decades, if you take care of it correctly. The great advantage of leather on fabric is that it is not woven. It is a solid carpet of fibers altogether. The damage will remain there, but will not widen and destroy the entire garment, as is the case with other materials.

So the cost may be quite a lot, but you’re going to have the jacket for so long that, for wear, you’re probably paying less than it really is. Here are some leather jackets.

The Bomber Flight Jacket

Called yes because, originally, it was designed for the aircraft crew, and its style has not changed since then.

The bombers are leather coats up to the waist, with a soft inner lining. Traditionally, the lining extends to the fold of the collar making it visible on the chin. The waist and sleeves are tight, usually with elastic openings.

They tend to zip up the front, and have very spacious side pockets. They are a very casual option, but you must be careful because they do not look good in all bodies.

The “Double Rider” Or Motorcycle Jacket

A classic in leather jackets, which instantly reminds us of the rough men riding a Harley. Some call it “Perfect” after the Schott brand launched the look.

Large flaps, a widened neck, full of snaps to hold it against the wind, that is what gives this garment its distinctive appearance.

Leather Jackets : 5 Points That Every Man Should Consider To Wear
Leather Jackets: 5 Points That Every Man Should Consider

Racer Jacket

Designed for motocross, these jackets are comfortable, aerodynamic and have a small pressure collar (some do not carry it). They lack a hot lining or elastic openings (such as bombers) or “Double Rider” brooches.

In a plain natural or black leather color, these are the most elegant option for a leather jacket.

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