Lob Hairstyle Ideas – Get Your Favorite Style This Season

Lob Hairstyle Ideas

Explore different hairstyle ideas for your lobs or long bob hairstyle, whether short or medium length, we’ve got you covered. Ever heard of lobs? A lob hairstyle or long bob hairstyle is a bob cut where hair length is between long hair and a bob cut. They are quite easy to maintain because of the short or medium length of hair. Also, they are always in trend and are popular around the world. So, hey! It’s the season of lobs! Here are a few lob hairstyle ideas that might help you in styling your lobs.

Lob Hairstyle Ideas

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Though lobs are short, then they are not too short for doing pretty and cute hairstyles. You can always braid them, make a bun or ponytail, or keep them straight open too. Explore the best hairstyle ideas in this article. So, why wait? Let’s get started now!

Subtle Waves for Lobs – This is the easiest of all hairstyles. Just flat iron your waves and comb them lightly, and you’re good to go!

Messy Waves – Start from the back of your hair, with the barrel curling wand facing downwards, wrap and hold your hair. Once the hair has been heated, remove the strand and pull on the hair’s locks to relax the curl. Repeat the same procedure for the other side of your hair. When you’re done curling, you can apply hair spray to set them. Run your fingers through hair for an effortless finish and voila, you’re ready!

Half-Up Top Knot – Take a section from hair and twirl it. Circle the twirled hair into a bun and secure it with a hair-tie. Lastly, insert a bobby pin in it and volumize your bun. Here’s your half-up top knot ready! Easy, isn’t it?

More Ideas

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Textured Lob – For this hairstyle, first apply curl construct mousse and blow-dry. Then, part your hair in sections and braid them. Flat Iron your braids and release and tousle. It’s almost done. Now finish your look with texture tease.

Side Braided Pony – Brush your hair and grab the three small sections of hair. Please take the right side of the three sections and bring it under the middle, then the left side and bring it under the middle. Keep doing this until you’re at the end of your hair, where you can’t braid it anymore. Tie this braid with elastic rubber. To make it look voluminous and give it a little care-free look, gently pull each of the braid’s loops. In the end, please take all the hair and the braid and tie them into a ponytail.


Lob hairstyle ideas can bring you the refreshing look you have been craving for some time now. You can try out all these hairstyles and get the voluminous, healthy look for your hair. Trust us when we say you wouldn’t regret it. So, you’ve now got a lot of hairstyle ideas to look classy and stylish. Do anyone whichever you like, and you’ll be ready to rock it all!

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