Medium Hairstyle Ideas – 3 Styling Ideas

Men’s medium hairstyles are into the trends these days. Typically, 2 to 4 inches of long hair are defined as medium-sized hairs. With medium hair, you can choose from a wide range of cuts and styles with volume. 

5 Hairstyles With Medium Hair

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  • Slick Back Hairstyle- This is one hairstyle on this list that anyone can do on their own. For a slick back hairstyle, your hair needs to be on the longer side. You’re gonna need a blow dryer that is powerful enough to direct the hair in the direction you want. We’d recommend you to buy one that is around 2400 volts. You’re also gonna need a vented hairbrush to guide the hair. The next thing you need is a pomade that is gonna fix your hair in place.

For a slick back hairstyle, We start with wet clan hair. Apply the layer of pomade on your hair and then use the combination of vented hairbrush and blow dryer to set your hair backward. The next step is to apply another layer of pomade to fix the hair as they are and blow dry them again if needed.

  • Spiky Low Fade Haircut- For this haircut, the barber will start with applying shampoo and conditioner to your hair as the hair needs to be soft before cutting them. The 2nd step is to wipe the hair with a towel, then he’s going to set the hair in different directions based on how the hair on the different places of the head is going to be. After that, hair on the bottom part of the backside and both sides are cleared out with the trimmer. 

Now comes the main part, the fade is shaped using the trimmer and scissors. Once the fading part is done, the excess hairs are cleaned with the razor. Once some drying is done and high-hold clay is applied to hold to your hair, you’re ready to go.

  • Bro Flow- For a Bro Flow haircut, you need to have long hair that the barber is going to set to a medium-long length with tails of hair falling on the side of your face. Once the cutting part is done, blow-dry cream is applied to your hair to fix the rest of the hair in the backward position.

Pandora’s Box For Styling

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From slicked-back hairstyle to bro flow to a spiky low fade haircut, if you have medium size hair, it opens up a lot of styling options for you, these are just a few of them. You can try combining 2 different haircuts together. Don’t feel like wasting money on haircuts? You don’t even need a barber to set your hair to do a hairdo, you can set your own style if you have a medium size hair.

Bottom Line

Medium-sized hair gives you more styling flexibility than short or long hair. Unlike short hair, with medium size hair, you can try different styles with the same haircut. Perhaps this is what’s making medium size hairstyles so trendy these days. With medium size hair, there are endless styling possibilities.

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