Medium Length Hairstyles For All Occasions

It seems as though there are a lot more women today trying out medium-length hairstyles. Why is this? Is this a sign of the times, or just the result of a mid-life crisis? The answer, thankfully, lies in the great combinations that you can get from a variety of medium-length hairstyles.

Medium-length haircuts require more volume in the hair, as well. Many people think that this requires going to the stylist every three weeks, but this is not necessary. Wear your hair messy, but still clearly textured using minimal layering. Try a straight-edged bob with minimal layering; this will work very well for wavy medium length hairstyles. Looking for a new way to incorporate wavy hair into your overall look without piling on layers?

A shoulder-length hairstyle can work equally well with any type of layering you like, whether it’s textured, or simple and flat. Combine layers of your favorite texture with a few sections of your hair colored in your desired color. For the ultimate in versatility, try a low sash shoulder style. Wear a neutral pomade or gel to create waves, and choose your favorite color to compliment your new shoulder-length look. To create more of a wave, go with a short side-swept bang.

According To The Face Shape

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Full and round face shapes are the most popular for medium-length hairstyles because most of us have one or both of these face shapes. One great option for those with these faces shapes is a classic ponytail. Apply side-swept bangs at the nape of your neck, and then secure with clips or a bun for a sophisticated look. This is an easy, casual, and comfy updo that will help you stay comfortable all day.

If you have thin hair, you may opt for one of the many medium-length hairstyles that create waves. A few tips to keep in mind when styling hair with waves include working in a circular motion, and not applying too much hair product. Shorter hairstyles often work best with shorter bangs, as they add height and frame to the face. There are many options available for how to achieve the perfect waves for you, including a side-swept to the side, and an up-do. If you want a longer hairstyle, try experimenting with longer-length bangs, which work well with most face shapes. Avoid using too much hair product with this look, since it will make your hair feel greasy, and weigh it down.

Choose Correct Hairstyle

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One of the easiest medium-length hairstyles to accomplish is a buzz cut, which consists of framing your face with a straight cut spike, then cutting your hair just below the ears. Any hair color will do, but it is important to choose a simple color scheme. A classic buzz cut works well with oval or heart-shaped faces, but if you have a lot of facial hair, consider choosing a different hairstyle altogether. Choosing a new color scheme will add dimension and interest to your look.

Longer hairstyles are usually best handled by graduated layers, which fall smoothly and naturally onto the neck and shoulders. To achieve the appearance of layers, begin by clipping some of your hair off the ends, and carefully combing your hair back toward the crown. Then, section off sections of hair that run along your jawline, and carefully tape them together to form a frame around your face. This hairstyle will frame your face, while still leaving the ability to wiggle your toes.

One of the most versatile medium haircuts is the classic side part, which is cut straight across the top of the head, with the sides being slightly rounded. To achieve the look of layers, use a variety of products to apply to your hair; some products work great as bobby pins, while others work great as layers. You can even create a balloon part, which is perfect for those fancy occasions when you want to make an interesting statement!

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