Mens Crew Cut Hairstyles – How to Achieve the Look

men's crew cut hairstyles

Men’s crew cuts are one of the most popular trends in men’s hairstyle choices. It is a style that has stood the test of time and continues to be versatile and aesthetically pleasing. When you start to think about how the trend started, it likely originated from the punk subculture in the eighties. With the rise of groups like The Get Up Kids and A Frenzy, many individuals began to sport this unique look, which made them stand out in a crowd.

The goal behind this look is to create a super short style with layers that frame the face and neck. You can add a bit of edginess to this look by adding accessories like spikes or metal pieces. If you want a really edgy, rebellious look, give your hair with a wide tooth appearance and go with short hair tie. This will create an asymmetrical look that draws attention.

Common Men’s Hairstyles

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Some of the most common men’s hairstyles feature the edgiest, most straight fringe. Fringe extensions and spikes are common for individuals who want to create this look. It is important to apply your extensions well so that they stay in place. This will also provide height and body to your frame. If you are going for a super short, super sharp fringe, you should consider getting extensions that are thick and darker.

If you are looking for a super short cut that is still edgy, you can pull it off with a messy, choppy look. Try using gel pens for texture. Stylists will use a comb to comb your hair and then gel your hair in several layers to achieve this look. This messy hairstyle is perfect for weekend nights out or special occasions.

There are also several men who opt for medium length hair cuts, which taper down to the bottom of their shoulders. These are perfect for summer events and beach days. These are also very comfortable and can be worn for several weeks without having to worry about it looking unkempt.

Variations Of Hairstyle

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There are many different hairstyle variations for men’s crew cuts. You can try shortening your hair if you want to have it very curly. You can also try adding waves or an edgier look by fading your hair a little bit. These are all great ways to experiment with your hair and see what works for you. It is important to not that short hair does not compliment your face, but that you can achieve the best results with layers.

Mens Crew Cut Hairstyles

Men’s hairstyles like a crew cut usually have a classic look that is easy to accomplish. You should invest in a good hairstyling tool such as a flat iron, boar bristle brush, or a large round brush with a lot of curl. You may also add a little bit of hairspray to keep your style from becoming too dry. Make sure your hair is damp when you are applying the styling product to your hair because the product will stick to your hair better if it is slightly damp. After you have applied the product to your hair you should rinse it out thoroughly.


If you are planning on a hairstyle for work or business, you may want to consider getting your hair cut at a salon. A professional stylist can give you a great style that is flattering for your face and body. They can also modify your style to fit the type of job you are going to have the day of. If you don’t feel comfortable with a professional cutting your hair at home you can always get a temporary haircut.

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