Men’s Hairstyles Long Hair – Sexy Hairstyle Options

Men’s Hairstyles Long Hair

These days long hairstyle options are considered not just acceptable but also stylish at the same time as well for men. There were times when skateboarders, rock stars, and surfers sported different men’s hairstyles long hair. However, these days you can see many men who hold regular day jobs sport these long hairstyles. Here are some of the hairstyle options for men with long hair. You can choose to sport them for a formal or casual look when you go out. 

Stylish Men’s Hairstyles Long Hair
Stylish Men’s Hairstyles Long Hair

Men’s Hairstyles Long Hair Ponytail

This is by far one of the most used men’s hairstyles long hair options. You can choose to sport this style when you go outdoors and have long hair to keep it in check by all means. It stays put for longer as long as you do not have to involve in hard work. 

Moreover, it would suit both casual and formal attire when it comes to well-groomed hair. Many men choose to sport it especially if they are to go out during windy conditions. 

Long Textured Waves

Dimensions and texture matter when it comes to this hairstyle for long hairs. Men’s hairstyles long hair options like these are hard to maintain and you should keep away from it if you are planning a trip in windy conditions or when you choose to drive or ride for long distances. 

The shape of your face should be considered before you choose this hairstyle. You can give it a dry or damp look depending on the texture of your hair. Using a mild gel can be a good option if you wish to keep it in the same style for a few hours when you go out. 

Man Bun – Best Men’s Hairstyles Long Hair

This one is considered modern classic hairstyles for men. It is considered to be versatile and can keep your hair stay put for longer periods when you have the hair in a bun. The position of your bun can depend on the occasion and the type of attire you are wearing. 

Varied Men’s Hairstyles Long Hair
Varied Men’s Hairstyles Long Hair

The bun can be positioned on top of your head or to the back depending on the style you wish to sport. You can choose to sport a wet or dry look depending on your taste. You can secure the bun with an elastic band for that perfect support and to keep it in place. 


Half-up is never out of fashion but often is only suited for casual attire. This means that you have a small bun to the top back of your head and leave the rest of the hair down. You can typically go for a casual look with this style along with a well-groomed beard. 


Irrelevant of the style that you choose you should ensure that your hair is well-groomed. Messy looks with long hairs can only go well for casual attire you sport. However, for formal options, you should choose one that keeps your hair well-groomed. 

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