Some Cute And New Hairstyle Ideas For Girls

new hairstyle ideas

Most of the girls love to try new hairstyles often. Girls with long hair have more trouble handling their hair. Here are some easy and new hairstyle ideas for girls. 

Low Bun- Take a section of your hair and roll it towards the back of your head. Pin it up. Now, take the other section and roll it in the same manner and pin it again. Take the remaining hair and, in a rotating manner, make a bunch. Then tie it properly so that it doesn’t open. 

Fishtail braid- From the upper section of your head, take some hair and start making braids. As you go down, keep the hair tight so that the locks do not get messed up. Continue making the braid till the end, and then tie your hair with a rubber band. 

Puff ponytail- This is a retro-style ponytail. It is very trending these days. In the front portion of your hair, make a puff and pin it. Use Bobby pins as they can hold the puff better. Now take the remaining hair and tie it into a high ponytail. 

Side rolls- This hairstyle is very common and very easy as it doesn’t take much time. Firstly, divide your hair into two neat sections and choose one side where you want to make the roll. Take a section of hair from that side and twist it around four to five times. Now pin it properly. 

Half pony- Firstly, divide your hair into two equal sections. From the center, take some hair and tie it with a rubber band to make a ponytail. Leave the remaining hair, and if you want, then you can add some beads or clips to make your hairstyle look better. 

New Hairstyle Ideas For Kids 

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Small kids are more interested in making pretty and cute hairstyles. They need quick and easy hairstyles which can be made within no time. So here are some new hairstyle ideas for small kids. 

Two half ponytails- One of the cutest and the simplest hairstyle for small kids is two half ponytails. You can also use different colored rubber bands to make your hairstyle look more colorful and unique. 

Buns with bows- Divide your hair into two sections and make two small buns on the upper side. Take two ribbons and tie your buns with ribbons. You are done with your hairstyle. 

Two French braids- This hairstyle looks very cute on small girls. Divide your hair into two halves and make French braids on each side. Use different colorful pins and clips to make it more beautiful. 

Wide headband- The simplest hairstyle that you can make is this. Comb your hair smoothly and take a wide headband. Wear the headband, and you are done. 


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These were some different and new hairstyle ideas for girls. You must try them to have fun. You will find them very convenient and beautiful. We have mentioned many new hairstyle ideas for both school-going and adult girls

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