Some Of The Best Medium Hairstyle Tips That You Can Apply

Medium Hairstyle Tips

Recently, women are found opting for medium length haircuts for a more relaxed and chic look. You don’t have to have a punky pixie haircut or a mohawk hairstyle to stand out unique. A simple medium length haircut is enough to transform your hair into hundreds of coiffures. Whether you’re a party animal in your 20’s or a white-collar worker in your 50’s, medium-length trims make you look crisp and give you that extra oomph factor. Let’s dive right into some voguish and top-notch hairstyles for your luscious locks.

Edgy Bob with Side Swept Bangs

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Make your standard medium length haircut into a stylish hairstyle by making the ends more edgy and sharp. Give your face a posh look with a long side-swept bang. You can quickly try this rich hairdo with freehand cutting or get your stylist’s help to create this look. You can either wear this hairstyle for a party or use a texturizing spray to boost your bangs’ volume and make a puff in the center or a sleek formal look.

Wavy Brunette

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A change in your hair color will instantly get you compliments with an added wavy texture. Go for a dark chocolaty melt look from the middle to the ends for a killer locks appearance. Style your colored hair with heat protectant spray and use a curler to create a wavy texture. You can rock this coiffure with a casual Jean and Tee or a beachy beautiful maxi gown.

Dreamy Twist

Let’s say you are having a lazy morning or be at the tails end, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. A little dry shampoo or a hair spray or even nothing can you make you look presentable in a jiffy. Grab a chunk of your front hair and twist it like a rope farther from your face to the left or right. Keep turning until your required length and secure it with a bobby pin underneath your hair. Tada, you have a neat yet classy hairstyle on the go.

Boho Braids

If you love braids and are probably wondering how to make the braids work in a medium length hair—no sweat, as simple as ABC. Take a small section of your hair either to the left, right, or even in the middle; why not, braid an easy one or a French braid and secure it with a bobby pin. If you have more hair left, make it into a side or back ponytail. There you go, your boho fairy hairstyle is ready. You can flaunt this hairdo during summer or just on a casual outing with your friends.


Are you surprised at what you can do with your medium length hair? Well, try these trendy and modish looks today, and don’t forget, your hairstyle depends on how you conduct yourself. Make sure you carry a smile and a bold attitude to make the looks plusher.

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