Top 5 Best Prom Hairstyle Ideas

prom hairstyle ideas

Prom nights are one of the events students eagerly wait for, especially girls. They make different plans for the night to make it the most memorable event of their educational time. Now, in such cases, spending time and money on choosing the right dress and accessories is something pretty common. But the other important thing that makes up for the entire look is the choice of the hairstyle. There are a plethora of prom hairstyle ideas available to choose from for the evening. However, choices must be made among them depending upon the suitability with the look and dressing themes. Here are some of the ideas for a hairstyle.

Side Ponytail Is One Of The Best Prom Hairstyle Ideas

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This extremely simple yet gorgeous hairstyle never fades out. It gives the wearer a bit of chic, sporty yet more romantic look. The look can be created by making a deep part on one side of the head and then sweeping the other part on the other side in one long ponytail and tie it with an elastic. Then hide the elastic below a layer of a hair strip and you are ready to go.

Braids On High Bun

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High buns are one of the more mature looks for prom hairstyle ideas and are therefore worn for a similar purpose. However, the process for this hairstyle is quite cumbersome and requires a bit of assistance for being done effectively. You can even have an appointment with a hairdresser to get a more classic look but make sure to have it a bit loose and messy for the natural effect.

Braids And Twists – The Stylish Prom Hairstyle Ideas

Another artistic look that can leave the onlookers in awe is the ponytail with the touch of braids. The messy ponytail will make up for the teenage look while the braids will do the design. You can consider a combination of loose plaits and twists for the purpose. The style is easy to create too.

Pinned Curls

Proms are probably one of the best times to make use of those natural curls by pinning them. For making this hairstyle you will need to horizontally split the hair into three sections at the back of the head. Then after pulling the sides back secure them using elastic and push the top portion a bit forward to add volume to the look. Then end the process by pinning the curls to keep the elastic hidden.

Waterfall Braids – Gorgeous Prom Hairstyle Ideas

What can be better than hosting an extremely princess kind of look on the prom night? It is possible with the help of waterfall braids. This style is created by letting the top pieces of the braid fall down as you start to gather the braid. The look suits best with curled or wavy locks.


With a variety of options available, choosing the best prom hairstyle ideas is no more difficult. However, based upon the complexity of the style, synthesizing it can be a bit cumbersome. Therefore, in case of not too easy hairstyles, the best practice is to consult a hairdresser before making a choice.

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