Top 6 Little Girl Hairstyle Ideas

little girl hairstyle ideas

It is true! Hair is the reflection of a girl’s personality & her identity. Girls always like simple yet pretty hairstyles that make them different from others. If you want to try some pretty and funky hairstyle that your daughter can feel beautiful about, we share some most beautiful and easy hairstyles for little girls.

Little girl hairstyle ideas to see below:

1. Top Knot

How to:

Comb the hair and make a tight ponytail.

Secure it with a hairband.

Separate the ponytail into two parts, and apply a gel to make it smoother.

Take one part of the hair in each hand and twist them down together to the last.

Hold the twisted hair and bind it around the hair tie in a right-handed direction.

Lastly, secure it with bobby pins.

2. Double Bun

A little girl wearing a dress

How to:

Divide the hair into two portions, and pull it into high ponytails.

Touch the ponytail lightly and bind it up into buns.

Secure the buns through bobby pins.

To wider each bun a little, pull out portions that seem to be strongly pulled in.

3. Chignon Hair Bun

How to:

Comb hair into a low pigtail.

Make a small opening above the pigtail with fingers and ring a pigtail through this opening.

Grasp the pony’s tail and ring it through the same ring loop

Secure it using bobby pins, and you may attach a flower or bow to adorn it.

4. Pigtail Braids

How to:

Brush hair and separate it from the crown down to the nape

Divide two sections with elastic rubber

Start braiding one side from the starting of the elastic.

Plait it to the last and tie it with rubber.

Next, do the same steps with the other side again.

5. Same Side Lace Braid

How to:

Straight the hair first.

Divide the hair into two parts, and create a French braid on one side.

Choose hair only from the top.

Pick a little piece of hair from the front side, & insert it on the braid, keeping it one-sided.

Drag out the braid portions a little, and tie the ends with an elastic rubber band.

6. Curly Stacked Bob

How to:

Wash your girl’s hair & dry it.

Apply some hairspray or gel to hold the proper shape of the curls.

Blow-dry the hair and give it a messy look with fingers.


Hairstyle trends alter every year with newer fads in fashion and beauty; still, buns, and braiding remains a hair craze in many different social events and cultures throughout the world. Specifically, little girls deserve all the pampering. So, why not try out these cute hairstyles to give them a unique look daily? Mums, do remember not to secure the hair so tight because your kid will find it hurtful.

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