Types Of Dress Pants For Men

Types Of Dress Pants For Men

The cutting of the dress pants is the first element that conditions the purchase of a product. This goes beyond other characteristics such as materials, color or prints. There is no specific standard for each type of body. Fashion designers establish cuts that are best for each type of figure. Taken into account are the morphological characteristics of people. This becomes a guide with which to identify the effect produced by each piece. However, personal criteria and aesthetics or styling also are in play.

Types Of Dress Pants For Men
Types Of Dress Pants For Men

In the women’s fashion sector there is a wide variety of cuts for garments, from dresses to skirts or shirts. Men’s fashion has opted, in its most classic pieces, for straight and less sophisticated cuts. In the case of men’s dress pants, different types of fits are available. These include the top, leg styles at the waist and finishes at the bottom of the pieces. These are the different types of cuts of the male dress pants:

Dress Pants: Skinny

Skinny dress pants are one of the most classic in the men’s fashion sector. It has had some moments of greater popularity and others in which they have been replaced by looser cuts. Thus, for years they have burst not only in street style trends but also in styles with a formal code. With a cut completely adjusted to the figure, the skinny pants are far from concealing or hiding certain areas of the legs. Instead, they seek to accentuate them in addition to providing length.

Dress Pants: Straight

The most common cut in dress pants styles is the straight cut. For both jeans and suit pants, it is a pattern that does not change its width from the hips to the bottom. The straight cut can produce two types of effects. On the one hand, a tight style is not skinny, made for people with the wider build. On the other hand, due to the uniformity of the garment, the role of thin garments can be reduced.

Dress Pants: Wide

Thought as the antithesis of skinny pants, the wide cut plays with a pattern that mixes a baggy style for the back and waist area, a straight leg and a final cut, at the bottom of the garment, with a wide finish. The type of design of the pants with a wide cut produces an effect of movement and width for bodies with robust complexion.

High Rise

In the same way as skinny pants, the high-cut cut is based on the cyclical effect of the trends. With their main prominence in the 80s and 90s along with the success of Levi’s jeans, the high-waist dress pants recovered again for several seasons reinventing the classic designs. Thanks to its design, the high shot covers a greater part of the hip and the back producing a more stylized effect.

Types Of Dress Pants For Men
Types Of Dress Pants For Men

Low Rise

Unlike high-rise garments, there are also low-rise pants that, in the case of men’s fashion, are part of a basic design that escapes trends. The type of pattern that the low-rise pants follow can be adapted to any type of figures and body type since its design alter the birth of the pants at the top, being able to adopt a more skinny, straight or wide-leg style.


For several seasons the dress pants, both for men and women, abandoned the extra-long cut of the 2000s to present a shorter measure, leaving the ankles exposed. Baptized as cropped pants, most pieces with this design have a skinny finish mixed with a low shot for men and a high shot for women.

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