Victorian Era Mens Hairstyles – How to Make Your Hair of This Era Stylish and Trendy

victorian era men's hairstyles

Victorian era men’s hairstyles are very distinct. It was a time when men of all backgrounds, ages and walks of life were dressing up for the taking. There was very little difference between men’s and women’s fashion back then. Thus, it is no wonder that even men from this era are able to look strikingly great with the latest fashion trends.

At that time, men had to be careful with their appearances. If they didn’t look good, they would not be able to get a lot of work. They also had to be sensitive with their looks so as not to attract the opposite sex attention. Men had to look good in order to be taken seriously.

An Overview

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There were a lot of things that made up a man’s look and image. One of the most important of these was his hair. Men’s hair at that time was meant to be sleek, straight and elegant. In fact, many a gentleman would go to great lengths to have the best looking hair possible. To achieve this goal, he would spend many hours cutting, styling and dying his hair.

However, Victorian era hairstyles are far different from our modern hairstyles. They were very complicated and took hours to perform. It was not uncommon for a person to spend several hours just on one style. This is because each hair had to be cut perfectly and then placed in a proper place to enhance the shape of the face.

Victorian Era Men’s Hairstyle

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A man’s hairstyle in Victorian times was quite different from the hairstyles we follow today. Men would often cut their hair in layers, which gave them the appearance of being taller. This was achieved by carefully combing the hair to remove all the tangles before finally putting it in place. This of course was a very slow process as it took hours to do only a few layers. Due to this time intensive process many men would only choose to wear their hair short, which was also a Victorian era preference.

The most popular style of the Victorian era was undoubtedly the mullet. It involved the use of a top hat made of metal, which was then topped with a traditional mullet hair cut. This of course was a very trendy style at the time and it was certainly more fashionable than the shaved back style. However, this was also very difficult to do, as it required several hours to be put together.

To make the top look complete, men of this era would add feathers to the top hat. This was a very tricky style to pull off, as it required a lot of skill and care to accomplish the illusion. Other popular hairstyles included ones that were either long and untidy, or spiked up and decorated. Men of this era also chose to dye their hair. This was not something that everyone did, but those who could afford it definitely looked the part.

One of the most important aspects of men’s hairstyles of this era is the fact that every man was expected to be well groomed and clean. It was important for them to look their best in front of their friends and loved ones. This also meant that they had to take care of their hair, since it was a major part of their identity. Regardless of where one falls on the fashion scale, there are many different hairstyles that can be classified as Victorian era.

Bottom Line

A wavy look is very popular with men of this era. It is simple to accomplish, requiring a few key pieces. First, ensure that you use a style that will suit the shape of your face and try to avoid a style that will crowd the eye. Also, look for a shampoo style that will help to tame waves, which helps to soften the look and create movement. To ensure that the wavy look is still present after the wash, simply wash normally.

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