What To Know Before Trying Some Hairstyle Ideas Bob

Hairstyle Ideas Bob

Pulling off a bob hairstyle can be difficult to decide. The idea of getting a large portion of your hair chopped off can be terrifying. But even with that, bob has become popular in recent years, with models and celebrities showing you different varieties of the popular hairstyle.

Apart from being stylish and classic, the bob hairstyle is not very hard to maintain. Also, the versatility of the hairstyle makes it more preferable. The hairstyle accentuates your look no matter your face shape. If you are trying to decide whether to get the bob hairstyle, these are some things to know before trying some hairstyle ideas bob.

Bob Hairstyle Is For Everyone

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Different face shapes and textures have different styling tricks that suit them better. Even so, you could still rock a bob hairstyle; with the right styling. In fact, anyone can. You just have to decide on one that suits you.

Consider Your Face Shape

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Like we said above, your face shape and texture really determine what kind of bob you should opt for. If you’re one with a round face, make a bob that finishes closer to your collarbone. This will help elongate your face, making it less rounded.

If you have a heart-shaped face, go for extra short bobs to bring out your jaw and cheekbones. For square faces, opt for bobs that ends below your jaw. Oval-shaped faces can go for any bob hairstyle they prefer.

Consider Your Neck

If you have a short neck, avoid making your neck look shorter. Rock bobs stopping at your jaw-length or above it. However, if your neck is long, it gives you numerous options on how long to rock your bob hairstyle.

Take Note Of Your Hair Type

If you’re opting for a bob hairstyle with thick hairs, you need to consider keeping the bob longer. Keeping it longer will weigh your thick hair down, preventing it from curling upwards. Do not cut into layers, instead you may slice it.

However, if you have thinner hair that’s straight, you have a lot of choices. Do make sure you keep your hair in one length though when you opt for a bob hairstyle. Avoid going higher at the nape.

Though not necessarily, curly hair looks better with layers. Cut your bob wet, and as they start to dry, cut in the layers and shape. Discuss with your hairstylist before opting for bob.

Take The Aftercare Serious

If you keep longer hairstyles, you won’t need to blow dry and heat style as much as you will if you keep a bob hairstyle. So you should take this into consideration before opting for bob. A nourishing mask to keep your hair from drying out should be included in your hair products.


Opting for a bob hairstyle may prove easy, as the majority of celebrities rock different bob hairstyles. Also, bob has been the most popular hairstyle in recent years. So, what do you need to know before opting for bob? We discuss what to know before trying some hairstyle ideas bob.

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