Young Mens Hairstyles – Looking Brilliant In The Best Hairstyle

young men's hairstyles

Given its location on the body, hair is the first thing that people fix their eyes on. Gone are the days when shaggy mop heads and bleached porcupine spikes were trendy. Now, with new trends coming, young men’s hairstyles have taken hair to another level. Keeping that in mind, you must get acquainted with a few classic cuts before your next salon session. All of these hairstyles listed has proved to work for just about everyone and can never go out of style.

Best Young Men’s Hairstyles – Side Part

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Since the 90s, this hairstyle is said to be the most comfortable alternative to the slick back. This hairstyle is versatile, and it suits most face shapes and hair types.

Side parting the hair can sometimes be tricky. So, your best approach should be to put the styling product in the hair when damp and then to part using a comb. The easiest way to side part the hair, if you are struggling, is to comb your hair backward and then observe where it starts to fall and separate.


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The quiff is an iconic hairstyle, a less polished version of the pompadour. This hairstyle suits a wide range of ages and face shapes; however, it is not recommended for those with receding hairlines to expose the forehead. There are two versions of quiff- classic and contemporary. Simultaneously, the classic one features sides kept short and a shorter back while the contemporary one features long hair at the top of the head and clips back and sides. So, make sure to decide which one works best for you.

Face shape matters a lot, so if you have a long face, then it’s better not to cut the hair at the sides and back too short.

To style the quiff hairstyle, apply a wet styling product to towel-dried hair. Use a blow-dryer and a comb to style it in your preferred shape.

Best Young Men’s Hairstyles – Crew Cut

The crew cut is a classic and timeless style, best suited for athletic and active young men. We can adapt this hairstyle to any kind, and it makes a face more defined. It is also easy to dress up for work by either leaving it messy or using a small amount of hair to style it. Also, it does not require any brush or hair-dryer to style it.


Pompadour is very popular in the young men’s hairstyles category. With many different lengths and variations to it, this classic hairstyle works for most. However, you do need to have thick hair for that so that the style can support itself. By varying the style’s structure, it can work for different face shapes.

Pompadour hairstyle has a large volume of hair on top that gradually recedes towards the back. Usually, this style is said to be donned by wealthy and fashion-conscious men.

Best Young Men’s Hairstyles – Undercut

The undercut is that modern cut that stands out from all angles. It is popular among young men’s hairstyles category due to its short-long contrast. Many celebrities are also seen donning this hairstyle, thereby leading to its popularity among the younger generation.

In this hairstyle, the back and sides are shaved while hair at the top is swept left, right, and backward. The undercut is an attention-getter style that works even best if you have got nicely shaped ears.


Every young man needs to decide which hairstyle suits his face, profession, and lifestyle. By picking any of these hairstyles, we will fully reflect your personality. So, make sure to consider getting one of these the next time you visit your stylist.

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